Researchers from Beneficiary University

Experienced researcher: Dr Matilde Massó

Dr. Matilde Massó is Associate Professor of Sociology. She is a founding member of the Economic Sociology Network and the Executive Committee of the Spanish Sociological Association. She has extensive experience in coordinating and collaborating in research projects and providing academic support and leadership to undergraduate and PhD students.

Matilde Massó has expertise in economic sociology, specifically in financialisation studies and the sociology money and markets. Her recent research on financialisation and employment shows that the logic of monetary accumulation stemming from the financial sphere is associated to the declining working conditions as well as the widening breach in social inequality affecting large segments of the European population.

She is primarily interested in issues related to the social consequences of financialisation, as well as the future evolution of money and how the alternative finance movement is shaping a new conception of the economy and its relationship with the common good.


Dr. Mark Davis

Mark Davis is Associate Professor of Sociology, Founding Director of the Bauman Institute  and also Director of Building Sustainable Societies, one of the University’s flagship Transformation Fund Projects.

Mark worked intermittently in France as an Expert Advisor to the Council of Europe from 2008 to 2011 to help to develop the first Charter of Shared Social Responsibilities, presented to Members of the European Parliament in Brussels in March 2011 and adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 22 January 2014. He also works as a consultant on conceptual and policy issues with think tanks in the UK, principally New Economics FoundationPositive Money and Compass.

Mark’s primary research focus is in the sociology of money, markets and morality as understood by Georg Simmel and Zygmunt Bauman, with a particular focus upon the social consequences of consumerism, financialization and marketization in neoliberal societies. He is interested in the capture and translation of the social world into economic interests, specifically how human freedom is reduced to market choice and how extreme levels of indebtedness is reconciled with the challenge of creating fairer, more resilient, and more sustainable societies around the world.


Partner Researchers

Dr. Matilde Massó is the principal investigator of a project entitled ‘Social consequences of financialisation: monetary accumulation, lack of employment, social inequality’ (CONSOCFIN), funded by the Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness, of the Government of Spain. The CONSOCFIN team is formed researchers from the Universidade da Coruña (Spain): Dr. Nazaret Abalde, Dr. Obdulia Taboadela, Dr. Federico Martin Palmero, Professor Fernando González Lage. We are undertaking a multidisciplinary approach to analyse the financial orientation of the corporate governance model of productive firms.